Fantastic Four actress says girl gangs forced her to toughen up


Jessica Alba has spoken out about the school tyrants who targeted her as a child.

‘I was getting beaten up every day by different gangs of girls. At one point I had to be escorted to my classes,’ she says.

The 27-year-old says the harassment escalated after she began her acting career.

‘When I went back to school after making my first film Camp Nowhere, suddenly my friends weren’t my friends any more,’ she tells S Magazine.

‘They started calling me names and saying I was after their boyfriends.’

But she was determined not to let the bullies hold her back. ‘Looking back, I do think it made me tougher,’ she says.

Jessica married producer Cash Warren, 29, in May, just 3 weeks before the birth of their daughter Honer. She’s starring in The Love Guru, in cinemas on 1 August.



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