She’ll bare her breasts and bottom for stripper role

Jessica Biel has agreed to strip off for her latest film.

The actress, 25 – who is dating Justin Timberlake – has signed a contractual agreement to bare her boobs and bum.

Jess will play a stripper trying to earn money to raise her terminally ill son in movie Powder Blue.

But her agreement with producers means she won’t go full frontal.

‘Jessica signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will see – including shots of her breasts and butt,’ a source tells US Weekly.

The actress recently confessed her fears about getting naked.

‘I definitely worry about how my family would react. You can’t help thinking about your dad or brother seeing something,’ she admitted.

‘It definitely feels vulnerable to be naked in front of anybody, let alone a film crew.

‘And it’s scary because of the internet – you don’t know where it’s going to end up. It’s a moment that could be exploited.’