She's rockin' The Voice - but experts fear the stress of the show could be too much


She’s surviving on four hours’ sleep a night and is battling to manage a workload to rival Simon Cowell’s.

But doctors reckon The Voice coach Jessie J could be putting her health at serious risk as all the pressure could trigger an existing heart problem.

Jessie, 24, has suffered with heart defect Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome since she was a kid and even had a stroke at 18. 

Now pals are concerned that the star, who recently toured Australia, is pushing herself too hard as she tries to balance her pop career with The Voice – especially as the live shows are looming.

‘She wants to do the best job she can,’ reveals a friend.

‘But she doesn’t cope well with stress and her life right now is exactly that 24/7.

‘She isn’t sleeping well and is generally worrying way too much about her acts.

‘Everyone wants her to relax a bit and take better care of herself.’

University College London Hospital consultant cardiologist Dr Pier Lambiase says Wolff-Parkinson-White – a condition whereby abnormal electrical pathways in the heart cause a fast and irregular heartbeat – is potentially life threatening.

‘If you already have a short circuit in your heart due to the syndrome and you’re very nervous, it can trigger a rhythm that could be dangerous,’ he says.

‘There’s a very small risk of sudden death.

‘If you live with constant tension, sleeplessness and panic attacks, it may be enough to push you to a point where what would usually be a manageable condition becomes more harmful.’

British Heart Foundation cardiac nurse June Davison adds: ‘Jessie will probably have been advised by her doctors.

‘Generally speaking, people who are prone to heart rhythm problems are told that being under a lot of strain can trigger an event.’

Jessie’s spoken in the past about how important it is to enjoy each day as if it could be her last.

She’s said: ‘What happened with my health made me realise that you can’t guarantee life.’

Another source tells us: ‘Jessie’s loving the job.

‘She is stressed, but she’s been assuring everyone that she’ll calm down once she gets the hang of things.’

The singer’s spoken bravely about her condition before.

On discovering her heart defect aged 11: ‘I remember my dad said: “Let’s race to the car.”

‘Then I just collapsed. I couldn’t breathe.

‘I went white and got rushed to hospital.’

On treatment: ‘I had wires put in my shoulder, groin and heart to try to zap my heart to a normal rhythm, but it didn’t work.

‘Then, at 18, I suffered a minor stroke.’

On her outlook: ‘Having bad health has made me realise that I can’t take anything for granted and I must look after my body… I haven’t got time to waste.’

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