EastEnders star accused of excessive drinking and drug use

Jessie Wallace is snorting ketamine, smoking cannabis and drinking whatever’s put in front of her, an ex’s son claims.

The wild accusations come from David Kerwood’s son Johnny, 25 – who says his father couldn’t handle the EastEnders star’s extreme boozing sessions.

‘My dad had feelings for Jessie but he couldn’t deal with her wild ways,’ he tells The People.

‘She sleeps with a bottle of wine and a bottle of Malibu…but ketamine is the new thing for her and it’s really messing her up.

‘I’ve seen her snort line after line of it and she is a wreck after she uses it.’

Ketamine is an anesthetic used in veterinary medicine to create a state of ‘dissociative anesthesia’. As a recreational drug, it’s sometimes referred to as Special K.

Mum-of-one Jessie, 35 – who has admitted using drugs in the past – has always denied having a problem and says she only ever used narcotics for a bit of fun.

‘I’ve done drugs but I’m not proud of it,’ she says. ‘It was a social thing for me and I regret it now.’

Jessie’s representative refused to comment.

Alison Adey