Chris speaks out after explicit Tweets come to light

TOWIE star Chris Clark has been caught up in a controversial racism row after shocking Twitter messages he’d posted came to light.

Several explicit posts the 22-year-old shared before finding fame have been exposed which feature offensive terms about race.


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One of the Tweets shared in February 2013 reads: ‘Why take pictures of your nails? We all have nails I don’t need to see you new f*****g ‘acrylics’ f****t n***a.’

Another shocking message posted a month earlier says: ‘Seeing peasants and thinking s**t n***a you sure can clean yourself up. Damn is that you n***a?’

Meanwhile in another Tweet written in 2012 Chris even seems to refer to himself as a racist after referencing the 9/11 terror attacks.

‘Just can’t get my head around someone flying a plan into a building. That’s why I’m racist!’ the reality star had said.

Chris – who recently started dating Little Mix star Jesy Nelson – has defended himself in the controversy though, admitting through his rep that he was much younger then and now regrets what he wrote.

‘The posts are from four and six years ago when Chris was only fifteen and seventeen years old,’ the TV star’s representatives tell The Sun Online. ‘These are not the kinds of messages which represent him in 2017.

‘He was a big fan of rap music and foolishly adopted some of the lyrics of his favourite artists in these posts.

“He understands how inappropriate these messages are, particularly now he reaches wider audiences and he deeply regrets his actions.

‘He apologises unreservedly to anyone offended by these posts and reiterates that he had no ill intention.’

The Tweets have since been deleted, though the message about being a ‘racist’ apparently remains up.

His rep has stressed that Chris was actually trying to prove that he’s not racist by writing this post.

‘Chris was condemning terrorism and was trying to communicate that he is not a racist,’ the spokesperson explains.

‘He accepts his use of language was wrong and again apologises unreservedly.

‘This Tweet was also from many years ago when Chris was young and impressionable.’

Chris has kept quiet about the controversy on social media.