Comedian is writing a book about using supplements to fight the blues

Jim Carrey suffered from depression for years and tried all kinds of treatments including Prozac and carrying a rainbow of ribbons ‘to colour his aura’.

Now he believes that vitamins are the answer.

‘I think there’s a whole new way of healing depression that doesn’t require drugs, but using supplements instead,’ he says, ‘I’m writing a book about it.’

The Dumb And Dumber star had a difficult childhood with a fragile mum who spent long periods in bed and a ‘kooky’ father. Young Jim grew up longing to make people smile.

‘If you talk to comedians, I think you’ll find that a lot of them had a parent who was in some sort of need,’ Jim, 46, tells Weekend magazine.

‘The effect it had on me was it made me feel responsible for people’s feelings. I wanted everybody to be happy.’

While entertaining others, the comedian struggled with his own black moods. After two failed marriages and a broken engagement to Renée Zellweger, he’s now found happiness with actress Jenny McCarthy.

I’m happy with Jenny, although I probably won’t get married again,’ admits Jim. ‘If you’ve done it twice, you really should stop doing it.’