Aston Merrygold on Marvin and Rochelle’s break-up

JLS star Aston Merrygold is sad about bandmate Marvin Humes‘ break up The Saturdays’ Rochelle Wiseman, but he’s glad to have his best mate back.

JLS are off on tour and, as soon as they’re free, Aston wants to have some fun with his ‘hunting’ partner.

‘My wingman has returned,’ says Aston, 22.

‘We have decided we are going on holiday together as soon as the tour ends.’

Marvin, 25, was Aston‘s flatmate before he decided to set up home with Rochelle, 21, in July. The couple – who got together in March – had talked marriage and kids, but split this month due to work commitments.

‘Me and Marv won’t be moving back in together,’ Aston tells The Sun.

‘He’s staying in the house he was moving into with Rochelle and I’ve got my place.’

The self-confessed ladies’ man says the JLS boys love Rochelle ‘to bits’ and remains tight lipped about the break-up.

‘No one will ever know what went on behind closed doors,’ he says. ‘That is their business.’

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