With his JLS days behind him, Aston Merrygold lets us in on some cringey moments

Former JLS star Aston Merrygold is embarking on a solo career and with the upcoming release of his new single, Get Stupid, we thought it was only fitting to speak to the man himself, just to find out how stupid he really is.

Yes, OK, it might sound harsh and we know 27-year-old Aston is far from stupid but everyone has their moments right?

First up, we were eager to know the stupidest thing Aston has ever done for love. Did he serenade an ex girlfriend? Perhaps he wrote an embarrassing love letter and had it delivered by a white-crested owl?

Nope, none of those. Aston revealed:

‘I had an argument once and in the middle of the night I just drove and left flowers and a sorry card on the car. It did go down well!’

We don’t think that’s stupid at all – we reckon that’s absolutely adorable.

As for his stupid drunken antics?

Well, Aston revealed that he has a tendency to lose his clothes. Err, ok! We’re sure Aston fans wouldn’t mind witnessing that though…

With Aston’s debut single going by the name of Get Stupid (FYI- it’s seriously catchy!), we just HAD to know how exactly Aston gets stupid.

After admitting that it was only a certain group of friends who triggered stupid moments, Aston admitted:

‘There’s no filter with any of us – what you see is what you get!’

We’ve all done stupid things as a child, but Aston’s sounds pretty painful!

‘My mum was in the bath and I was really young and I just remember walking backwards and falling down the stairs,’ confessed the singer. Ouch!

Watch the rest of the vid to find out the stupidest thing Aston’s ever said in an interview AND the stupidest person he knows!

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