Boys are great mates

Marvin Humes gave Niall Horan a personalised gift for his new house.   

The One Direction cutie recently snapped up the JLS hunk’s former north London bachelor pad for £2.2 million and Marvin was keen to make sure Niall felt at home straight away.  

‘I got him a moving-in present. It was a cushion with a picture of himself on,’ he says.

‘Our management had One Direction cushions. So I got a Niall face and left it in the house for him to see.’

The 19-year-old Irish star is regularly in touch with Marvin, 27, who expects to get loads of questions about the swanky property. 

‘Me and Niall are always talking. He’s always messaging me about different bits and pieces,’ Marv tells The Mirror. 

‘Yes, and from now on, that’s going to be stuff like “Where’s the fuse box?” and “Has the boiler always made that funny noise?”‘

Our invite to the housewarming party is in the post right, boys?

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