Strictly Come Dancing star doesn't hate her ex-husband


Jo Wood reckons ex-husband Ronnie did her a favour by walking out on their 23-year marriage in 2008.

Since her split from the Rolling Stones rocker, the 54-year-old has gone on to appear on Strictly Come Dancing and is now busy with several other ventures. 

‘In one way it’s sad but in another it’s given me a whole new life,’ says Jo. ‘I could have stayed with Ronnie and our relationship would have got worse, but it didn’t happen.

‘He set me free. I would never have left him, and I think somebody out there said, “It’s time for Jo to get out and enjoy her life.”

‘I really don’t think I’ve been happier in years. I am strong enough to live without him.’

Jo insists she no longer has any hard feelings.

‘He is my friend, and I’ll always love Ronnie in the way that he’s the father of my children and we spent so many years together,’ she tells You magazine.

‘But he’s off doing his own thing; I don’t often hear from him. It’s like it was another life.’

Ronnie, 62, left Jo for Celebrity Big Brother contestant Ekaterina ‘Katia’ Ivanova, 21. They have since separated.

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