Jodie Marsh gets naked in the gym with hunky fitness model


OMG! This is NOT safe for work #NSFW

Check out Jodie Marsh’s new, sexy shoot for her nutritional supplement brand, JST.

We thought it was outrageous when Jodie Marsh went to film premieres wearing just a mini and a belt. Now she’s gone one step further and stripped everything off for her raunchiest ever photo shoot.

Jodie Marsh and hunky fitness model, Anthony Hill, get up-close-and-personal during a sizzling, red-hot shoot for Jodie’s nutritional supplement, JST. The glamour model turned body builder shows off her super fit bod in a series of steamy pictures.

She leaves little to the imagination in a leopard print thong and cropped vest before baring her naked body. Anthony then cups Jodie’s bare breasts and nuzzles her neck. The couple go on to simulate sex as Jodie climbs on top of Anthony’s naked, rock-solid body wearing nothing but a pair of leopard print stilettos.

Leaving little to the imagination, Jodie Marsh shows off her impressive body art with a winged skull across her pelvis and a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm.

Despite his dazzling blue eyes and ripped body, Jodie Marsh resisted temptation during her dark and dirty gym session and her four years of celibacy are still intact. The steamy shoot has, however, piqued her interest in intimacy.

According to Jodie, ‘The whole reason anyone trains is to be fit, strong and healthy, and is ultimately to look sexy whether they admit it or not – I do!.’

Click through our gallery to see the super-sexy pictures of Jodie Marsh and Anthony Hill.