This is VERY emotional...


Jodie Marsh has spoken out about her sadness after the death of her beloved dog, Louie.

Over the weekend, the glamour model posted a clip online where she’s seen giving mouth-to-mouth to the 12-year-old bulldog when he collapsed at her home in Essex.

But now Jodie has released a heartbreaking statement to announce that Louie has passed away, just days after she saved his life.

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In a lengthy statement posted to her official Facebook account, the 38-year-old wrote: ‘I am absolutely heart broken to tell you that Louie passed away this afternoon.’

Jodie and her pooch, Louie [Instagram]

The heartbreaking message continued: ‘Louie was an incredible dog with a huge personality. I wouldn’t have kept resuscitating him if I thought he was in pain or suffering or not enjoying life. 

‘RIP Louie my angel. You were the perfect dog. You brought me nothing but happiness and love and laughter. I am totally utterly heart broken.’

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Explaining how he died, the reality star added: ‘Unfortunately today the dogs were playing in the garden and I was working inside & when I went out an hour later he was gone.

‘I have been living with the fear that he could have one of his episodes when I’m not around and there would be nothing I could do.

‘Today was that day. No one can physically watch a dog 24/7 even though I have done my best to work from home recently and to be around as much as physically possible.’

How sad it that?

On Sunday (9th July) Jodie was filmed by her mum giving Louie CPR after he stopped breathing due to choking on some food.

And in her emotional note announcing the pooch’s death, Jodie reminded her fans of the video.

I’m so glad my mum managed to film Louie’s episode and me resuscitating him last Sunday,’ she wrote.

‘It may help save another dog’s life. It may help an owner to stay calm while waiting for a vet, it may help people to understand a little more about bulldogs and about their needs, it may encourage people to do a dog CPR course.’

The telly star also posted an adorable tribute to her beloved pet on Instagram, sharing a series of images of the cute dog with her 444k followers.

And fans have been sending their condolences following the announcement, with one writing: ‘I’m so sorry for your loss he was so lucky to have lived a life where he was so loved’.

While another added: ‘So sorry for your loss Jodie. It’s so hard when we lose our fur babies’.