Bodybuilder won't be doing any more reality TV

Despite being a contestant in shows such as Celebrity Big Brother in the past, Jodie Marsh says she’d rather work in a supermarket than do any more reality TV programmes.

The bodybuilder, who got close to TOWIE star Kirk Norcross last year, is understandably not a fan of The Only Way Is Essex in particular.

‘I don’t watch that,’ says Jodie, 34.

‘[Would I ever go on the show?] Oh my God, no! I’ve got no interest in reality stuff or being on TV for the sake of it.

‘Even if I was absolutely bankrupt and needed the money I’d rather go and work in Tesco. I just wouldn’t do that sort of thing ever again.’

Celibate Jodie hasn’t kept in touch with Kirk, 24, since they rowed on Twitter over a steamy photoshoot they did together.

‘He didn’t like that I wouldn’t sleep with him,’ the former glamour model says.

‘So he basically gave me an ultimatum, saying if I didn’t he would not want to be my friend any more. And I told him I wasn’t going to sleep with him, so that was that.’

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