Glamour model has also had Botox injections


Jodie Marsh had her lips plumped six times in 12 months.

And the glamour model, who’s also had a boob job, is thrilled with the results.

‘They’ve been slated, but I love them,’ she reveals. ‘I had them done about six times over a year.’

Jodie, who is now dating her neighbour Ryan Flemming, 23, has also had work done on her face.

‘I’ve had Botox on my forehead and around my eyes, and fillers in my nose-to-mouth laughter lines,’ she tells new!

‘I can’t imagine not having Botox – it’s the best thing ever. My face looks better now than when I was 23.’

Jodie, 30, previously dated lesbian hairdresser Nina, but they split when she moved back to Australia.

Alison Adey