Jodie Marsh reveals how her body-building obsession left her organs on the verge of shutting down


Jodie Marsh has told how she was dangerously close to death after taking her dedication to body building to the extreme.

Speaking exclusively to Now, the reality star reveals she was so desperate to make sure she looked ripped for a contest that she didn’t drink a single drop of water for 48 HOURS!

The practice is known in the sport as ‘dehydration’ or ‘water-cutting’. And it left Jodie‘s organs on the ‘verge of shutting down’, meaning the 34-year-old was just hours from death.

Speaking to Now, size 8 Jodie says: ‘Competition time is when 
I dehydrate. One time, I didn’t drink a single drop of water for close to 48 hours.

‘My brain felt like it was shrivelling up – you become like a zombie. It’s the worst thing in the world.

‘I thought I was dying. An expert later told me: “You probably were.” He said my organs were shutting down. I didn’t know that dehydration could kill me.’

Body builders use this practice to get rid of excess water, making their skin appear tighter and their muscles more defined.

However, it can go too far – and has been linked to a series of tragic deaths, including that of Mohammed Benaziza, who passed away after one competition aged just 33.

Dr Mark Silvert warns it’s better not to dehydrate at all.

He says: ‘It can be fatal. If you don’t restore correct water balance, you can suffer from low blood pressure, which can lead to a cardiac arrest.’

Low blood pressure can also cause other major organs to shut down. And other dehydration side effects include life-threatening brain swelling, seizures, kidney failure and heatstroke.

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