Jodie Marsh is sick of people criticising women

Jodie Marsh knows more than most that women are targeted unfairly on the internet. From body-shaming to consistent – and often disgusting – trolling, it’s a wide-spread problem on social media.

In the face of all that spitefulness, the former glamour model believes that it’s incredibly important for other women to stick up for each other. The star defended Stacey Solomon after she was body-shamed while enjoying an paradise holiday with her eldest son.

Stacey laughed the whole affair off, saying she was proud of her body and calling her boobs ‘saggy maggies’. Well Jodie isn’t having any of it.

Talking to CelebsNow, the 37-year-old said: ‘You know what, she was laughing it off and calling them saggy maggies and all that. But I know as a woman in the public light, I know that it hurt. That’s why I tried to speak to her.

‘Do not listen to this bullsh*t! She’s absolutely beautiful, physically and on the inside.’


She added: ‘Someone writing something like that, I guarantee she ain’t no super-model herself, and that’s what pisses me off. You’ve got NO right to be talking about her boobs. You want to take a picture of her in a bikini, that’s fair enough. But you don’t need to point out her boobs. You know she’s a mum!’

Jodie originally showed her support for Stacey by tweeting her: ‘Stacey you are BEAUTIFUL!! Don’t allow the negativity in! It’s just bitter jealousy.’

But it’s not just female celebrities that get heat from online trolls. Jodie found that the subject of her most recent television show, Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting, has been trolled excessively online because she is very public supporter of hunting – and she’s a beautiful woman.

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The bodybuilding champion added: ‘Rachel is beautiful and sexy. I think it has a lot to do with that. Not only is she a strong woman and doing something people don’t understand, and hate on her for that, they’re jealous of her as well.

‘If she was an ugly beast of a woman, she’d still get abuse for the hunting, but I think people would send her one tweet and forget about it. But because she’s so stunning, I think people get a real bee in their bonnet. It’s jealousy mixed with hatred.’

So maybe put a little less pressure on women and try to understand where they’re coming from? Listen to Jodie Marsh people: she knows these things.

Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting airs on Tuesday 13th September, 10pm on TLC