Joe was called out for calling his two sons his ‘whole world’ on Instagram back in June – and now he’s in hot water yet again.


The TV star shared the controversial holiday video featuring eldest son Harry to Instagram earlier this week. In the clip, viewers hear Joe say: ‘Just on the beach. Harry’s been driving me mad,’ as he walks along the beach.

‘I’ve thought up a solution,’ the actor and presenter continues. ‘This has kept him quiet for a good half hour.’

We then see Harry trapped in a hole in the sand, jokingly yelling: ‘Dad! Help! Help!’

‘You’re stuck son,’ Joe replies. ‘When that tide comes in, you are going to drown. See ya!’

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Job done!!

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While we see Harry smile as Joe walks away, many people failed to see the funny side, calling Joe’s actions ‘stupid’ and ‘dangerous’.

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’This is far from being funny,’ wrote one. ‘It’s dangerous.’

‘No so long ago in the news a young child got into a hole in the sand and the wet sand pulled him under,’ another added. ‘Google it they tell people not to do it.’

‘Such a stupid thing to do !!!! Sea is unpredictable…you could get a sudden surge and he would drown !!!!!’ another warned.

But fans were quick to leap to the dad’s defence.

‘We all did it when we were kids, for god’s sake leave them alone and get a life !!!!’ one user wrote.

‘Everyone seems to be a parenting expert,’ another commented. ‘Joe was by his side let kids be bloody kids ffs what is wrong with you lot. Constantly going on about everything being dangerous! Family fun, remember that?’

‘GUYS he obviously wasn’t going to leave his son like that,’ another fan pointed out.

An unapologetic Joe later shared a snap of him and Harry at the airport, preparing to head home from Mojácar. ‘Had the most amazing holiday with my amazing son!’ Joe wrote. ‘Gutted to be going home but excited at the same time.’