It's a weird old world...


As we approach 2017 with absolute absolutely NO clue as to what is currently up with the world, it’s v. easy to become preoccupied with some of the (many) blips of the year.

Brexit, Donald Trump, the unfortunate re-branding of Toblerone (we lost so much chocolate, people) to name but a few.

However, just as we thought it was finally all over and we could get on with our festivities in peace, we’ve been officially hit with the biggest bombshell of 2016…


We’ll just repeat that once more, for dramatic effect and all that: Paris Hilton and Lidl.Yup,Ā  2016 is officially the weirdest thing to happen maybe ever.

As of last weekend, it is now officially possible to grab Paris’ range of hot hair tools and brushes whilst doing ‘ya last minute dash for a Crimbo Turkey.

2016, what a time to be alive.

Taking to social media to share her latest business venture, Paris writes: ”I’m excited to share my new collection from @lidl with you! Be the first to get it: @lidl #HereComesParis’.Ā And we’ve ‘gotta give it to her, she sure as heck scrubs up well.

Whilst it looks like Paris is pretty excited by the entire prospect of hitting up the local Lild, others have been left somewhat scratching their heads over the news of the collaboration.


Regardless of the naysayers, many people have taken to social media to share that they think the collab is nothing short of genius- with one user sharing, ‘Who’s the marketing genius that bagged @ParisHilton for @lidl because that’s major!!!

Any last thoughts Paris?

Yup, us too.

Please, 2017, bring us some sort of stability. Because honestly, we’re tired. We’re so very tired.

Alice Perry