What happens when you ask Joey Essex and Kingsland Road about their most embarrassing summer moments? Find out here…

The tail-end of Summer may be turning a little cloudy, but there’s always time for some hot goss at Teen Now headquarters.

The second we heard we’d be chatting to your fave boys from Kingsland Road and the lovely Joey Essex, our mischief senses started tingling.

It’s hot, they’re hot, we want some hot goss, what can we ask? Well, there’s nothing better than a celeb #cringe moment. So we asked your fave band and top TOWIE star about their most embarrassing summer memories, EVER. And believe me, they really do have the cringe factor.

‘When I was 13-years-old, I was in Spain and I really fancied this girl and I actually fell over and cut my face open in front of her and I didn’t even know.’ Erm, Joey…. How could you not know you had fallen over and cut your face open?! ‘It was really embarrassing,’ he said. ‘I really fancied her!’

Meanwhile, Kingsland Road‘s JJ Thompson was busy using the sea as a loo… Ew.
‘Okay, one time I was in the sea and I really needed the toilet. And you know them toilets where you need to pay to go in? It was in Bulgaria. So I pooed in the sea.’ Nice. Great story JJ. Wait, there’s more?!

‘Wherever anyone swam, it just kind of followed them,’ he said. ‘There was this whole ten minute episode of people trying to swim away.

Connor also admitted to once weeing in a pool on holiday, but it’s okay because ‘I did it on purpose,’ he said. Sighhh, come on lads!

But we think the cringe trophy has to go to Josh this time, after his shocking confession.
‘When I was really little, I… Well, you know when you can’t tell who someone is from behind? I thought it was my dad.’
Oh God, we know where this one is going.
‘It’s mad, but I just went and jumped on his back in the pool. Completely started trying to drown him and everything.’

Oh God, oh God!

‘….It wasn’t my dad at all. It was some random guy. Most awkward thing ever.’
Josh, you should be banned from pools for life.

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