Both Lucy Watson and Joey Essex reenact being cats for Felix

Are you feeling like something’s been missing from your week? You know, apart from enough sleep and a glass of wine. Well, we’ve found what it is that will fill that void in your life – Lucy Watson and Joey Essex acting like a bunch of cats. Yep.

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The former TOWIE star Joey Essex, is doing the usual thing of a morning of licking himself in a store window, just like a cat cleaning themselves.

While Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson just can’t stop herself from chasing that red laser light – that pesky thing!

If you’re wondering why the pair are acting like a pair of pussycats – apart from general LOLs and feline fun – it’s all for cat food brand Felix and in the name of Copycatting.

Reckon this could the a new internet trend? Like planking was once upon a time?

Maybe Joey Essex and Lucy Watson have been watching one too many cat videos on YouTube. Can’t blame them – we’ve been guilty of it more than once babes.

Our personal favourite is Lucy’s signiture Watson stare when she’s found in the bath.

And if you want to take a break from your busy day by pretending to be a kitty, then you can recreate and send in your own video to Felix at – why wouldn’t you want to claw your way up a curtain or try and catch a goldfish?

We’re just watching for videos from Olly Murs and Caroline Flack pretending to be a pair of parrots now!

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 Amy Lo