Four years after speaking about his mother’s death for the first time exclusively to Now, Joey Essex speaks about the emotional subject again....

Four years after talking to Now exclusively about his mother’s death, Joey Essex has opened up on the subject again…

It was back in 2011 that former TOWIE star Joey Essex first spoke about his mother’s suicide exclusively to Now magazine.

And now the star has recalled the tough period again in a new interview, saying he was ‘baffled’ on discovering his mum had taken her own life. ‘I was only young, I didn’t realise what was going on. I was baffled,’ he explains.

The 24-year-old was just 10 years of age when his mother Tina committed suicide after years of battling medical problems including post-natal depression and candida, a yeast infection causing pain and exhaustion. Joey and his sister Frankie came home one day to find their mum had gone to a hotel to kill herself.

When asked if he ever felt angry towards his mum for abandoning him, he said in the recent interview with The Times Magazine, ‘Nah, not anger. Obviously, I miss her.’

And when questioned if he’s worried he may have inherited her condition, he revealed: ‘Not really, I think I’m a lot like my mum, but I’ve got my dad’s confidence.’

Speaking about his dad informing him of the devastating news his mum was gone, Joey told Now magazine in 2011: ‘I remember opening the door and Dad was standing there. He picked me up and said, “Mum’s gone.’ It was the biggest shock of everyone’s life. But I didn’t really believe it, to be fair. I was upset and crying, but after a while I thought, “Nah, she’ll come back.”‘

Joey opened up even more in his book Being Reem, revealing he and his sister Frankie Essex had no idea their mum had taken her own life. ‘We didn’t know mum had committed suicide for about two years. Dad didn’t tell us how it happened to start with, he just said she fell over in an accident. I guess he was trying to protect us and I don’t think he wanted to deal with it himself. I was convinced she was staying in a hotel and was coming back.”

He added: ‘Some people reckoned I stopped learning because of what happened to my mum. Almost like I froze in time. I don’t know about that but I remember it hitting me really hard.’

Meanwhile, the star, who is currently dating Bethany Hitch, revealed he doesn’t want to sell stories on his ex girlfriend Sam Faiers, who was quite scathing of Joey in her recent autobiography. Joey said: ‘I don’t talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t need to talk about it. I wouldn’t do it for money and I wouldn’t do it for free. It’s not in my nature. My dad brought me up to never taell tales or do anything like that.’

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