Joey Essex recently took a GCSE, and last night he received his result on TV!



Remember the revision fear? The hours thrown away over a text book? THE SCARY EXAM HALLS?

For most of us, GCSE sweats are well and truly a thing of the past. For Joey Essex, however, exam halls and results-day-dread are a bit more of a recent memory.

Yup, the ex-TOWIE ‘fella recently took a GCSE- having received the result for the examination yesterday.

Lets hope it wasn’t a Religious Studies exam though, eh Joey?

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After spending eight weeks preparing for the exam ITV2 programme Re-Educating Joey Essex: GCSE Special, Joey is now the proud owner of a GCSE in General Studies. So, how did a ‘fella who thought Jesus’ mother was called ‘Zeezus’ do in the exam?!

As announced via Twitter yesterday, Joey was awarded a D in the exam and has therefore passed his GCSE! Pretty darn good for someone who ‘doesn’t really know what GCSE stands for’, right?!

And tbh Joey, we haven’t really got a clue what ‘GCSE’ stands for either.

Sharing the happy news to his followers, Joey writes ‘thank you so much for all the amazing messages .. happy you enjoyed the show tonight and so happy I got a D’…

Joey also Tweeted a shoutout for his teacher Kevin who was, according to the Essex fella, ‘a top teacher’.

Fans were quick to send messages of congratulations to Joey, with tweets reading things such as ‘Well done Joey, I’m so proud. You deserved it‘.

The episode saw Joey learn things such as the absence of ‘Netflix and chill’ from 16th Century culture…

However, Joey wasn’t the only one learning things- and he also taught us a thing or two. For example, we learnt that  the grade ‘D’ actually stands for ‘you’re doing good’.

Cor, we wish we’d known about this one earlier!

A massive congratulations to Joey on his result! You’re doing good, Joey, you’re doing good.

Alice Perry