Think you've seen Joey Essex at his weirdest? Think again. You'll never believe your ears...


What’s the best way to spend a day with Joey Essex? Getting him in his pants while aliens probe him, duh.

Have a nose behind the scenes of the loveable TOWIE star’s exclusive Now shoot, which could have been right off The X-Files set. In fact we’re pretty sure we saw Mulder having a play with our alien costumes.

Seeing as our Joey is a bit of a unique creature, we thought he’d be the best person to communicate with aliens if they ever do come to earth, so we also had him explain certain Joey-isms in a message to them – you know, so they’re prepared for when they make a visit.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering who those little green men are, they’re only us Now journalists. The things we do for our art…

Because this is no normal shoot, our chat with him is anything but ordinary too. In our exclusive interview Mr Essex reveals all about his time in the US where he visited the very secretive and conspiracy-theory-filled airbase Area 51.

Area 51’s so weird and everything’s top secret,’ he told us. They’ve got stuff in there they don’t want the world knowing about as it would freak us out too much. There’s a sign there that says: “If you cross this line you will be shot.” And even though it’s in the middle of the desert there are cameras watching you.’

Besides life on Mars, Joey also filled us in on his relationship with Sam Faiers, addressing the rumours that the couple are on the rocks, spoke about his dreams of becoming a dad, and reveals all about his surprising bromance. Seriously, you’ll never guess who it is.

The truth is out there…

* Read the full interview in the latest issue of Now magazine, dated 19 August 2014

Lauren Franklin

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