The Aussie hunk wants to put the record straight

John James Parton knows he upset JJJ fans when he split with Big Brother winner Josie Gibson.

The Aussie hunk is now dating Sherrie Cobley, 24, and is in ‘a much happier place’. But the relationships did not overlap.

‘Look people are going to believe what they want,’ John James, 25, tells us, ‘and no amount of interviews will change that, but I did not cheat on Josie. I would never cheat on a girl. She knows that.

‘Me and Josie had issues and we split up. I’m not saying I wasn’t happy with Josie, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

‘We know what happened – it’s such a shame.

‘Obviously we had a big following and a lot of people rooting for us to work it out and I’m sorry it didn’t, but you can’t force something that’s not there.

‘I’m not a liar and I never have been and to do that went against everything I stand for. You can’t stay together for the wrong reasons.

‘We had issues for a long time – things never got back to the way they were in the house and we kept trying to rekindle something that wasn’t really there.

‘I got accused of breaking up via Twitter, but that was another misunderstanding. There’s a lot of stuff that happens behind closed doors that can’t be expressed over Twitter or TV shows.

‘It’s said behind closed doors for a reason, you know. People know from BB that I don’t hold back on my opinions, and I’m not a liar and Josie knows that too.

‘But people can think what they like.’

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