Actor and wife Kelly Preston moving on for sake of daughter Ella Bleu

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are still struggling to cope with the unexpected death of their teenage son.

Jett Travolta passed away on 2 January at the age of 16 after having a seizure while on holiday in the Bahamas.

The family have been trying to put on a brave face for their daughter Ella Bleu, 8.

‘[They are] regrouping and pushing through the grieving process,’ a source tells People. ‘They are trying to grieve and return to some sort of normality for Ella. But life isn’t normal without Jett.’

, 55, and Kelly, 46, are also having to deal with a blackmail court case.

A politician and a paramedic in the Bahamas are alleged to have attempted to extort £17.6m from them following Jett’s death.

‘They were so hurt by the moochers,’ adds the source. ‘But things have calmed down. Every day it gets better.’