Lone Ranger star likes dressing up


Johnny Depp has worn some unusual items to avoid being spotted by fans.

The actor, who is currently dating 27-year-old Amber Heard, says he often dresses up in funny disguises.

I’ve worn ridiculous things to go out in public,’ says Johnny, 50.

I glue on a fake nose and a ZZ Top beard, a bandana over my head. I just look like some sort of roadie.’

Johnny’s used to wearing outlandish outfits and sports a bird on his head for his role as Tonto in The Lone Ranger. He was happy to spend lots of time perfecting the character’s distinctive look.

It wasn’t comfortable and I looked funny, but it was worth it,’ he tells Notebook.

The make-up is really important. You replace your own skin with that of the character, so it’s everything really.’

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Anna Francis