The A-list star says his sleeping habits have improved since discovering nightwear


Johnny Depp relies on baggy cotton pyjamas to help him sleep.

The Hollywood hunk, 47, used to suffer from acute insomnia, and struggled to get a good night’s sleep – until a friend gave him some helpful advice.

‘I’m not really a pyjama-wearing type of guy,’ Johnny, 47, reveals.

‘I lean towards insomnia and this pal of mine who I’ve made a couple of films with, Julian Schnebal,  said: “I’ve got just the answer for you.”

‘He gave me these big baggy cotton pyjamas.’

Johnny tried out the jim-jams and was amazed.

‘Honestly, I slept about 12 hours,’ he tells the Sunday Times. ‘It was like a miracle.

‘But you don’t to abuse pyjamas. You get used to them and you’re screwed.’

Looks like Vanessa Paradis won’t have any trouble deciding what to give Johnny for Christmas…

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