Pirates of The Caribbean star to tie the knot with French lover

Johnny Depp is set to marry his French lover Vanessa Paradis.

The couple have been together for eight years and have two children, Lily-Rose, seven, and four-year-old Jack. The family split their time between Los Angeles and France.

‘Johnny and Vanessa are planning to finally get married next summer at their villa in the south of France,’ a friend told The Daily Express. ‘It will be a private event rather than a showbiz extravaganza.’

This is not the first time Johnny, 43, has been involved in wedding plans – he was engaged to both Winona Ryder and Jennifer Grey and briefly married to musician Lori Anne Allison in 1983.

For many years Johnny was reluctant to marry again, insisting: ‘If you are together and you love each other and are good to each other, for all intents and purposes you are married.’

Vanessa, 33, is clearly committed to her man. ‘Johnny is all I dreamed of,’ she recently told a French magazine. ‘No one could love the way we love. He’s a beautiful person so obviously he’s a beautiful dad.’