Lone Ranger star has an unusual end in mind


Johnny Depp has some unorthodox ideas about what should happen to his body when he dies.

The actor thinks he’d like his corpse thrown over a cliff to give onlookers a bit of entertainment.

Just tossed over a mountain so that people could watch it bounce,’ says Johnny, 50.

Might as well entertain people.’

Johnny – who is a dad to kids Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11, from his relationship with Vanessa Paradis – is also keen on having his skin ink preserved.

Maybe just save the tattoos,’ the Lone Ranger star tells The Times Magazine.

Because it might revolutionise what happens after death.

Take a guy’s tattoos off, make formaldehyde frames where it’s preserved and stretched out and stuff – that doesn’t sound gruesome at all, does it? No.

That’s not at all serial killer. That’s totally cool. Can you imagine?

“What are those?”

‘”Oh, that’s my dad’s tattoos all over that wall.”‘

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Anna Francis