Prankster missed it so much he's come out of retirement

Johnny Knoxville has admitted he suffered the blues when cult comedy stunt programme Jackass finished four years ago – so much so, he’s back with a new film.

‘I was through with Jackass,’ he says. ‘But then it stopped and I got depressed. It’s rough – you’re going 100 miles an hour one minute, then it’s nothing.’

After meeting up with the Jackass lads last year, he realised what fun he’d been missing out on, and decided to get back to work.

‘I started writing bits and the ideas began flying in,’ he tells Sunday magazine, adding: ‘It was all I could think about.’

But not everyone was over the moon about the 35-year-old making Jackass: Number Two, the movie sequel to 2002’s Jackass: The Movie.

‘My mum and dad were terrified when I was making it,’ he admits. ‘I’d just tell them I was leaving the dangerous stuff to the other guys so they wouldn’t worry, but they knew I was lying.’