Actor enjoys spending time with daughter


Jon Voight is delighted he and his daughter Angelina Jolie are on good terms.

The actress has had a difficult relationship with her dad in the past.

But they were snapped enjoying a taxi boat ride together in Venice, Italy, at the weekend.

It’s nice to have something that’s positive!’ says Jon, 71.

[The boat ride was] lovely…the weather wasn’t so bad for the journey.

‘It’s a very beautiful trip. A lot of fun…

I love the possibility of spending time with the family. It’s a very beautiful thing.’

Angelina, 34, is staying in Italy with Brad Pitt, 46, and their kids while she films The Tourist

Jon says Shiloh, 3, bares an uncanny likeness to her mum. 

‘I have baby pictures that are very resembling of Shiloh,’ he tells Us Weekly.

‘I don’t know about all the resemblances, but obviously there are some because of the genes.’

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