Jonathan Cheban might be besties with two of the biggest names in reality TV, but he recently revealed that despite his closeness with both Kim Kardashian and Gemma Collins he would never introduce them to each other.

Speaking openly about the possibility of the pair meeting, The Food God told Mirror Online: ‘People have been asking me for years but it’s just like two different things I have, everyone has different friends that they hang out with.


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‘It’s two different worlds, me and Gemma and me and Kim is just two different things.’

Although, he did say that in the unlikely scenario that they were in the same room then he would introduce them.

He said: ‘It’s one of those rare things where it would have to happen by accident, where we would just run into each other somehow, if we were filming in LA with Kim and Gemma was at a restaurant or something, but it would never be a planned thing, it just doesn’t work like that.’

But crushing any hope that the GC might have of getting a cameo on Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s anytime soon, the 44-year-old later admitted that despite loving both the reality babes, them meeting had never even crossed his mind.

Jonathan is regularly seen hanging out with bestie of 11-years, Kim, and has regularly made appearances on her family’s reality show.

Meanwhile, the US star has known Gemma for a much shorter time, as he became friends with her after he flew to the UK to film Celebrity Big Brother with her in 2016.

Don’t worry Gem, we don’t think Kim would be able to ‘Keep Up With The GC’ anyway!

Words by Becky Waldren.