The Olivers are quite literally family goals

Jools and Jamie Oliver: a couple that, whether they know it or not, have the nation’s heart – and give us hope that relationships in the public eye can not only survive, but thrive!

Since marrying in 2000, and being each other’s long-term sweethearts for years before, the couple aren’t shy about expressing their love and appreciation for one another, whether on social media, or at red carpet events.

As if they weren’t a cute enough couple on their own, they also have five gorgeous children – and together, all seven of them make what many would agree to be one of the nation’s *cutest* families.

Together, Jamie and Jools have: Poppy, 15; Honey, 14; Petal, 8; six-year-old Buddy and baby River, born in August 2016.

Though they’ve got a good-sized team already, there’s no saying that the Olivers are done with expanding the size of their family; Jools has apparently banned Jamie from having a vasectomy!

‘I’d suggested getting the snip was a good idea, but Jools won’t let me… she loves babies,’ he told Gurgle magazine after River’s birth. So there’s a definite possibility…

Until then, enjoy this gallery of photos proving that they have a seriously lovely home life with all of their children – if they ever decided to have a family reality show, a la Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we’d be first in line to check it out…