Peter Andre comforts wife Katie after baby loss

British glamour model Jordan has miscarried a baby after being rushed to a London hospital with stomach pains.

Jordan, 28, real name Katie Price, was only a few weeks into her pregnancy and had kept the news a secret that she was carrying husband Peter Andre’s second child.

The star’s agent said: ‘The couple are devastated. Katie hadn’t had her three-month scan yet, which is why they were hoping that no one would find out.

‘Friends, family and well-wishers have been leaving messages of support and sending flowers, which the couple are grateful for. But now they want to be left alone to get over this.’

A hospital worker caused the couple distress by trying to sell the story.

‘Peter and Katie felt obliged to reveal what had happened in light of this person trying to cash in. Katie is very angry,’ adds her agent.

Just two months ago Jordan talked about how she and Peter, 33, wanted another baby as a sibling for sons one-year-old Junior and Harvey, four.