Glamour model's mum creates friction now she's moved in with the couple

Jordan and Peter Andre are no strangers to arguments – as anyone who’s watched their reality TV show Katie And Peter: The Next Chapter will know. But their latest battle more serious than most.

The model’s mum Amy Price, 56, has taken over the role of housekeeper at their £2.5 million house in Woldingham, Surrey – and she’s driving Pete crazy.

‘Since Amy took over the house she’s been a nightmare for Pete and the staff,’ a source tells Now. ‘Amy’s a bit like Katie. She’s temperamental.

‘No one knows where they stand with her and she can go crazy at the slightest thing.’

Pete, 35, is said to get especially riled when Amy tries to boss him about.

‘Pete doesn’t like the routine being turned upside down, especially as she’s also trying to control him.

‘He says it’s his house and he can do what he wants, especially where the children are involved.’

The couple have 3 kids – Princess, one, Junior, 3, and Harvey, 6, from Jordan’s relationship with Dwight Yorke.

Katie And Peter: The Next Chapter is on Thursdays on ITV2.

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