What a burn.

Ex On the Beach is returning to our screens in August and this year’s line-up are all series veterans – including Welsh weekender Jordan Davies.

However, he’s arriving without his more famous half, Megan McKenna, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get a name drop AND insult.

In a promotional video for MTV, the Ibiza Weekender lad said: ‘So my last ex was Megan McKenna, she’s a f**king b**ch and finished with me before Celebrity Big Brother. Simple story there!’

No idea why!

Keep wondering why... [Instagram]

Keep wondering why… [Instagram]


However, he’s not been crying of spilt Essex girls, as he’s been getting up to his favourite activity now that he’s single.

‘Since that, I’ve just been smashing birds for fun left, right and centre in Manchester, got myself a little lads’ pad. I am loving life!’

Sounds painful.

Meanwhile Megan McKenna is off filming in Mallorca with her super-sexy boyfriend Pete Wicks for TOWIE…

With my mr grumps ❤️

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But that’s not it from the Welsh lady-killer – he’s decided to tell us EVEN MORE about his “interesting” sex life.

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‘My sexy secret is I’ve had a threesome with a mum and a daughter at the same time.’

Can someone look up sexy in the dictionary for Jordan Davies?

‘They didn’t do anything with each other but obviously it counts as a threesome because I switched them over.’

If you want to watch Jordan Davies join Gaz Beadle, Jemma Lucy and a whole load of Ex veterans with their best banter, it returns at 10pm, 16th August on MTV.