Her unhappiness has left her marriage in tatters, but Katie Price won't get the help she needs

The tensions between Jordan and Peter Andre’s have escalated to the point of barely being able to be in the same room at the same time.

We used to chuckle at their arguments, which have been played out in front of the cameras in their ITV2 reality show Katie And Peter: The Next Chapter, but now it’s no laughing matter. When the cameras are switched off, they barely spend any time together.

Peter, 35, spend his days in his recording studio or playing with the children – Harvey, 6, Junior, 3, and Princess, 1 – while Jordan has books, perfumes and clothes ranges to promote.

Our inside source reveals: ‘He often asks the housekeeper or whoever is around where his wife is because he’s usually the last to know.

‘She has no respect for him. They’ve got nothing in common any more, although you’d never know it from the cameras.

‘Pete finds living with her mood swings virtually impossible, as do her family and the staff.

‘In public, they’ve often joked about divorce and custody, but Pete mentions it more and more in private. He doesn’t say “if”, he now says “when”.’

According to our source, Jordan’s behaviour, weight problems and mood swings are beyond control. She’s constantly stressed, thinks she’s fat and hates her body.

Despite the pair’s image of being an incredibly sexual couple, nothing could be further from the truth. On their reality show on 6 July, Jordan spurned Peter’s advances yet again and he sighed: ‘It’s always been the wrong time, it’s only been six months.’ His spokeswoman tells Now: ‘He was joking.’ But he came across as very serious on TV.

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