Glamour girl reckons Posh would make perfect guest on Katie & Peter: Unleashed

Jordan has revealed she wants Victoria Beckham on her new chat show, Katie & Peter: Unleashed.

Despite having criticised Posh in the past, the glamour model, 29, reckons they’d hit it off.

‘All that stuff I said was tongue in cheek,’ she says. ‘I’ve got nothing against the girl. I think she’s got brilliant style. I just say things that people are thinking, that’s all.

‘I’d love to have her on the show and I think actually think we’d get on really well.’

And Jordan’s husband Peter Andre, 34, insists any disagreement between the two could be quickly resolved.

‘There’s no enemies,’ he tells Hot TV. ‘Even if someone had a bit of a tiff before with Kate, I think it would be interesting because we could get them on and have a laugh.’

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