The LA showdown kicks off!


Cheryl Cole proved a hit in LA on her recent trip, but Jordan, who’s been in the US for three weeks, hasn’t made a fraction of the same impact – and it hurts.

Jordan was really annoyed that Cheryl was rubbing shoulders with the A-list while she had to watch the Grammys on TV,’ says a source.

‘She wasn’t invited to the awards and her people couldn’t get her into any of the aftershow parties. She was relieved when Cheryl headed home, but miffed that she got such great publicity out there.’

Where Cheryl has the right connections, our sources say Jordan, 30, hasn’t.

‘She’s not with one of the high-flying publicists here and she doesn’t roll with any of LA’s key players,’ reveals a top Hollywood celebrity stylist.

Jordan’s not being invited to any of the key A-List events here. Even her musician husband Peter Andre didn’t get to go to the Grammys.

‘It’s going to be near impossible for her to get into the Oscars parties, which even Paris Hilton has trouble getting an invite for. Here, Paris is considered to be more classy than Jordan.’

See the full story about Jordan in Now magazine dated 23 February 2009 – out now!