Glamour model wants Big Brother star to make full recovery


Jordan has offered her support to Jade Goody as she battles cervical cancer.

In September, the glamour model accused the Big Brother star of cashing in on her illness.

‘I feel sorry for anyone who’s going through what Jade’s going through, but I can’t believe she’s paid for interviews on subjects that people are really traumatised by,’ she said.

Despite making a heartfelt apology, Jordan, 30, real name Katie Price, is still trying to make amends.

‘It’s so sad to see the pictures of Jade Goody with no hair,’ she tells OK!

‘I do feel sorry for her. I think what she’s going through must be awful and if she ever wants to come round for a cup of tea and a chat, she’s welcome. I hope she keeps well.’

That offer will obviously have to be put on hold until Jordan and her family get back from LA.

Jade, 27, was diagnosed with the disease last summer and has now been told it’s spread to other organs.

Yesterday she underwent an emergency operation to remove a golf ball-size tumour in her bowel.

‘Jade had been experiencing an awful lot of discomfort – and was blocked up and her tummy was swelling up,’ her PR Max Clifford explains.

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