Why the reality TV star wants to extend her family


Last week, Jordan tried to play down baby talk by saying: ‘I want to have another baby, but I want to let my body have a bit of a rest.’

But Now can reveal that she has no intention of waiting very long. Jordan, 30, and husband Peter Andre plan to start trying for a new baby in the next two months.

And their baby plot doesn’t end there – they’re also planning to adopt a Bulgarian orphan. The couple are hoping their secret baby plans will bring them closer together, even though insiders say that Peter, 35, isn’t as set as Katie on their adoption plans.

It’s been 13 months since the former Page 3 model, real name Katie Price, gave birth to daughter Princess and she’s keen to add to her brood of three – Princess, Junior, 3, and Harvey, 6, fathered by footballer Dwight Yorke, 36.

But with so much on her plate right now, is it realistic for her to juggle the responsibility of more children?

‘Katie can still have a baby despite her workload,’ says our well-placed source. ‘She’s proved before that she can fulfil her commitments while she’s pregnant. Having more babies won’t harm her future projects – in fact, it could be beneficial.’

Currently, Jordan’s competing in her first serious equestrian events, which fits in nicely with the September launch of KP Equestrian, her new clothing line for horse riders.

She also has a new underwear range which is due out at Christmas, a cosmetics line and another perfume yet to be named. She launched a new book this month and has a new line of children’s books yet to be published.

A Katie Price credit card is also in the pipeline. Jordan admits that work dominates her life, saying recently: ‘Work me like a bitch! I want to be busy. There’s no excuse to be tired or sick now.’

As well as pressing ahead with their plans to conceive, Jordan and Peter are making headway with their adoption enquiries. Jordan recently revealed that she’s made the first steps to adopt an Eastern European disabled orphan after watching a BBC4 documentary called Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children 8 months ago.

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