But glamour model has a back-up plan

Jordan claims she knows how she’ll pop her clogs.

‘I’m not scared of dying because I’ve been told by a medium I’m going to die in my sleep,’ she says.

The glamour model, 29, admits that the psychic was unclear on the details – and couldn’t tell her exactly when she’ll snuff it.

‘She just said I’d be a very old lady.’

But the mum-of-three has a back-up plan in case the psychic’s wrong – she’ll go abroad to top herself.

‘If that’s not true and I know I’m on my way out but it’s going to take a while, I’ll go to Switzerland,’ she explains.

‘I did some research ages ago – you have to live there for a year so I would do that, and then have the lethal injection.’

Thanks for sharing that, Jordan.

Hannah Davies