But this time, she's going smaller

You might not think that Jordan having yet another boob job counts as news, but this time the 28-year-old is getting them reduced, to make breast-feeding easier.

Jordan, real name Katie Price, and her hubby Peter Andre, 33, are desperate for another child after the model recently suffered a miscarriage.

But she’s scared of breast-feeding with such large boobs.

Jordan, mother to Harvey, four, and one-year-old Junior, told The Daily Mirror: ‘I’m having them reduced and I can’t wait. I want them done by Christmas for Peter.

It will be the fourth boob job the glamour model’s had since she began her career. But Jordan has fallen out of the love with the assets that made her famous.

‘They’re saggy,’ she moans. ‘I used to love them, but now I don’t need them anymore. I’m always in with Peter, so I don’t need to show them off now.’