The star’s terrified of ruining her body shape as she gets into training for the London Marathon


Jordans petrified that her stodgier new diet and gruelling training for the London Marathon is making her look ‘too butch and bulky’, Now can reveal.

The body- conscious glamour model, who’s determined to do the 26 miles, 385 yards race on 26 April, is so worried about losing her super-slim physique, she’s having to be constantly reassured by hubby Peter Andre, 35.

Jordan’s nervous that she could end up looking too bulky,’ says our source. ‘She’s always having a go at women who are too muscular because she likes to think she looks quite girly and svelte.’

Pete, who’s also going to do the Marathon run, is secretly hoping that she fills out a lot more, but because he knows what she’s like he’s been putting her at ease by telling her how great she looks.

Speaking about his wife’s legendary ambitiousness, Pete says: ‘I’m on my way to getting up to 26 miles. In theory, I’d beat her right now, but she’s the type of person who’d try to beat me just for the fun of it.’ Time will tell.

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