No man is safe as she draws up list of hot guys


Lock up your boyfriends – Jordans drawing up a list of potential new suitors. And what better time to do it than while on/off boyfriend Alex Reid, 34, is locked away in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

By the time he gets out, he might find he’s old news because Jordan, 31, has a hit list of male targets.

A source tells Now: ‘She literally draws up a list of men she likes, usually from looking at the papers, then asks certain friends or contacts in the media to let it be known that she fancies them and arrange for the pair to meet up at a nightclub or showbiz party, which would look like a coincidence.

‘She may be in a bit of a state at the moment since her divorce from Peter Andre, but she knows one thing: she doesn’t want to be with Alex any more.

Alex just isn’t her usual type. She either likes guys with a bit of danger attached to them or ones who are young and squeaky clean.’

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