Glamour model Katie Price is furious over a cruel website mocking Princess


Jordan’s said to be furious that a popular website has a page displaying insults of her beloved daughter. She’s already had to battle a publication’s mean jokes at her disabled son Harvey’s expense, so it’s a terrible shock.

The web page features a picture of Jordan, 30, with one-year-old Princess under the heading: ‘Um, is there something wrong with Katie Price’s Daughter?’

Visitors to the forum are encouraged to leave comments on the little girl’s appearance.

One post reads: ‘Sorry, but she’s really ugly. She’s got Katie’s nose, eyes and mouth.’ Another writes: ‘That’s a very strange-looking child. Weird. I haven’t seen anything like it. I didn’t know ET had a twin – LOL.’

A source tells Now: ‘It’s awful. What kind of twisted person sets up a website solely to slate a sweet, innocent child? Jordan’s fiercely protective of her children – she knows it’s par for the course if she’s criticised, but her children aren’t fair game.’

Last year Jordan, who’s also mum to 6-year-old Harvey and 3-year-old Junior, was livid when a magazine printed several ill-thought-out free stickers of her elder son.

‘She was devastated by the mocking of Harvey and soon nipped that in the bud,’ says our source. ‘Jordan’s like a lioness when it comes to her kids – and rightly so.’

See the full story about Jordan in Now magazine dated 20 October 2008 – out now!