Josie is on a Christmas mission!


She’s our fitspiration, having maintained her amazing 6st weight loss after dropping from a size 22 to a size 10 in 2012. And this year, Josie Gibson will be rocking an LBD at Christmas as a single woman – with mistletoe in hand! In a Now exclusive, Josie, 30 – who runs nutrition and fitness website – reveals all about her Christmas plans, secret man and how she’s kept her figure but still eats cake and carbs!


Josie, you look fabulous…
Aww, thank you. When I was a size 22 I’d never have worn a little black dress. I always wore floaty maxi dresses. I had massive legs!

How do you feel about your body now?
Really lucky. I lost a lot of weight around my waist so I love wearing LBDs, especially body-con styles. They suit me best.

Are you working out more ahead of party season?
Yeah, of course. I let go in the summer and drink a lot. Then at the end of October I try to get in shape for Christmas. January is like: ‘This is a fresh year, I’m going to set new goals.’

Will you stick to your diet over Christmas or indulge yourself?
Christmas dinner is my favourite food ever. I love it! I’m a roast dinner connoisseur. And it can actually be quite healthy. I always eat what I like one day a week, from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening. That’s how I’ve managed to keep my weight off. I eat well 80 per cent of the time, then the rest I let loose.

What are your Christmas plans?
Oh my goodness. Christmas and New Year… this is really sad, but I won’t be celebrating Christmas this year. I’m going to work. I find Christmas boring.

Why’s that?
Because I don’t speak to my mum. I think my brothers might come round, but I’ve worked so much this year I haven’t had the chance to spend time with them, so we’ve drifted apart.

Would you like that to change in 2016?
Yeah, I’d like to spend more time with my family – but not my mother. We’ve never really got on. It’s always a bit awkward at Christmas. There’s never a family get-together – there’s always arguments, so normally I just go away.

The thought of you being alone at Christmas makes us feel sad…
I tell you what, I’ll go out! I’ll go down the local pub and have a turkey dinner there.

Sounds like a plan! How’s 2015 been?
A roller coaster. Very, very hard work. Probably the hardest year of my life.

Oh no, why?
I started my business Slimmables and I’m launching an app in January, but I’ve had so many obstacles. I’ve had some issues and lost a lot of money. I always see the good in everybody but now I’m very particular about who I let in. I don’t trust people very easily.

Are you OK now?
I’ve had to change who I am. I used to be so laid-back and soft, but you can’t run a business like that. It gets to a point where you just lose yourself. I didn’t really know who I was any more. Sometimes I’ve worked 16-hour days. I’ve felt very alone this year.

That’s so sad. What’s happened?
Well, it all started when I split up with Luke [Sanwo]. I really rate that bloke – he wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was my best mate – but the sexual attraction had gone. I think that hit me more than I let on. Then I started my business and I didn’t have time to go out with my friends, so I lost a few mates. I’ve sacrificed a lot for my business, so I’m just trying to find a happy medium.

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?
Oh, everybody and anybody! Anyone who’ll have me!

Got your eye on anybody?
Oh no, I’m not picky. I don’t even want a kiss – just a cuddle will do [laughs]. The thing is, I don’t ever fancy anybody.

Not even any celebrities?
I always thought Joe Swash was lovely, but he’s a lot shorter than me. If Simon Cowell was taller he’d be right up my street. I love an older man. I want a Richard Gere.

A silver fox?
Yeah – someone I can call Daddy [laughs]. I want to be looked after.

Have you had any dates this year?
Not one. I’ve had a few sniffing around on Twitter, but nothing major. People don’t chat me up.

Don’t celebs ever Tweet you?
Erm… [laughs]. I’ve had one person ask me out. But I don’t know whether it was just work related. He’s a celebrity chef. I’ll tell you later… [laughs]

A chef? Sounds perfect!
Yeah, that’s what I thought. And he has a lot of banter, but I’m so rusty I wouldn’t even know if I was getting chatted up or not! And I’m scared. It’s bloody scary.

Why are you scared?
I was with John James [Parton]for just over a year and then I was with Luke for five years and we were engaged, so to meet someone new is terrifying. I’ve been talking to John James actually, but not like that. I just think: ‘Oh God another relationship, will I get hurt?’ I can’t handle it.

Would you get back together with John James?
No, he lives in Australia. But I could never go back – not that he’d want me.

So you must really be looking forward to 2016 then?
I can’t wait. I’ve let myself go this year. Next year, I want to train a lot more and work on my appearance. My face has taken a proper toll now – it really ages me. It doesn’t help when people say you look really old on social media. I get a lot of that.

How rude! What are your thoughts on surgery?
I had filler in my lips once and I thought it suited me, but when I see the pics, I looked like a duck. And about a year ago I had Botox in my forehead but I’ve still got wrinkles. I probably would have it again, but I don’t like feeling like I can’t frown. I like people to know that I’m angry [laughs]!

You’ve said you want a tummy tuck. Are you still going ahead?
I wanted to see if I could get rid of it by working out but the trainer said: ‘It’s not fat, it’s skin.’ So I can’t lose it unless I have the op – but if I did I’d feel like I’d be letting people down. I was once told I had more skin on my belly than a Shar Pei puppy. I can’t say who, but they should be ashamed of themselves. That’s what made me want a tummy tuck.

Well, we’ve got a feeling 2016 is going to be brilliant for you!
Yeah, I’m going to go out and find myself a boyfriend! But if I don’t, then I’m quite happy with the girls. My birthday’s in January, so I’ll have a big party too…

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