The fuming reality star fears for her family’s safety

Big Brother 10 winner Josie Gibson is on edge after receiving a series of threats from an anonymous stalker.

Josie, who split from fellow Big Brother contestant John James Parton in March, has been receiving abusive texts and phone calls up to 10 times a day.

‘They tell me what John James is doing, and know all about our personal life when we were together,’ says Josie.

‘They then started threatening to kill me. 

‘I also got messages and calls in a voice disguised as the killer in the Scream movies, warning me that I would have acid chucked in my face.’

Terrified TV sweetheart Josie, 26, is relieved her close family are living abroad as her little sisters, aged 7 and 9, have also been threatened.

‘The last straw came when they started talking about my sisters,’ says Josie.

‘I’ve never felt this angry before; I’m absolutely fuming,

‘You can say what you like to me – but don’t you dare start on my family.

‘I’ve got all my relatives on high alert, and my mum and sisters even moved from Bristol to Spain last month.

‘I’m relieved they’re not in danger.’

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