Josie wasn't impressed by her ex's message

Josie Gibson was suspicious when former Big Brother lover John James Parton contacted her Twitter earlier this month.

‘@Josiestweet Hey I think we need to talk , follow me and I’ll dm you my new email . Thanks,’ John James Tweeted on 2 June.

‘He Tweeted asking me to follow him so he could DM me,’ says Josie, 28.

‘Everyone’s been asking me what John James wanted.

‘I’m a bit annoyed he sent that publicly on Twitter. If he wanted to talk to me properly he has my email address and phone number.’

Josie and John James split up in March 2011 when the Aussie hunk returned to Australia.

Josie was devastated but has now found love again with Luke Sanwo. She decided to find out what John James was after.

‘I messaged him back on WhatsApp through a friend,’ she says.

‘I don’t want to go into detail about what was said, but all I’ll says is it wasn’t an apology from him.

‘I asked him to take the Tweet down…but he still hasn’t done it.’

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