Josie is getting ready to move to her new love nest


Josie Gibson has got two more weeks until the cast comes off her broken ankle and she can’t wait.

‘I’ve been trying to do some packing in preparation for our move down to Bristol but with the old peg leg it hasn’t been easy,’ she tells us.

‘I’ve spent most of the week ordering poor Luke Sanwo around and telling him what to put in which box.

‘I thought I was being helpful, but when he started coming at me with a menacing look on his face and the parcel tape in his hand I knew I’d gone too far…

He’s had the patience of a saint, God bless him, which is why I’ve promised him a treat when we finally get down to Bristol (no, not that kind of treat, you dirty muckers).

We’ve both wanted a dog for ages, so I’ve told him we’ll get a chow-chow and a Great Dane as soon as we can after we move.

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